ACTFL & 语言连接基金会专业奖项


ACTFL的 & Language Connects Foundation Awards Program recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of 语言教育. Awards and nomination procedures are announced and candidates' names are solicited through announcements in ACTFL publications and through letters to ACTFL member organizations each year. The results of the selections are announced at the ACTFL Annual Meeting and in the Winter issue of 语言教育者.


Leo Benardo Award for Innovation in K-12 Language Education

This award is established in Leo Benardo’s honor to recognize significant contributions that reflect innovative instructional practice and programs by individuals who teach or supervise in urban, suburban or rural districts that teach a majority of underserved students.

NFMLTA/MLJ Emma Marie Birkmaier Award for Doctoral Dissertation 研究 in World Language Education

Did you write/complete a dissertation in the last two years that dealt with language learning or teaching, 老师准备, 课程开发, 评价, or any field directly related to second or world 语言教育?

Nelson Brooks Award for Excellence in the 教学 of Culture

Are you a language educator who has contributed significantly to the teaching of culture in the world language classroom? Can you provide evidence of the impact over an extended period of time and have influenced large numbers of individuals?

Edwin Cudecki Award for Support for Language Education

This award has recognized individuals who have developed ties between international business, 语言教育, 以及国际研究. 表彰杰出的政策制定者, 公务员, 商业领袖, 以及其他教育倡导者.    

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Award for Excellence in 多样性、公平和包容 in the Classroom

该奖项旨在表彰语言教育工作者 at all levels who have intentionally and effectively created accessible spaces of belonging for their learners and incorporated diverse, equitable and inclusive principles into their classroom curriculum and projects, 这样做使所有的学生, 包括那些有特殊需要的人, 培养语言和文化能力.

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Klett Award for Sustainable Development Education in the World Language Classroom

该奖项旨在表彰语言教育工作者 & postsecondary students who effectively incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their classroom curriculum and projects, and in doing so promote global awareness and social responsibility.

NYSAFLT Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

Are you a language educator who has demonstrated excellence in the preparation and continuing education of teachers for the profession? Provide evidence in the following areas: teaching, 研究, 服务, 培养当前和未来的专业人才, 和认可.

NFMLTA/MLJ Paul Pimsleur Award for 研究 in World Language Education

Are you an author of an outstanding 研究 article with the potential to impact language learning or teaching in world language or second 语言教育 field published in the last year? This award requires nomination by the editor of a North American scholarly journal.

Wilga Rivers Award for Leadership in World Language Education (Postsecondary)

Have you demonstrated instructional leadership and 服务 in the Postsecondary 社区? 证据应包括:对学校的服务, 社区, 和国家, 以及状态, 区域, 以及全国性的专业组织.

Florence Steiner Award for Leadership in World Language Education (K-12)

Have you demonstrated instructional leadership and 服务 in the K-12 社区? 证据应包括:对学校的服务, 社区, 和国家, 以及状态, 区域, 以及全国性的专业组织.

Award for World Language Instruction Using Technology

Have you integrated the use of technology into world language courses? Evidence should include objectives and specific strategies using technology that contribute to the attainment of the course goals within the framework of the 世界战备标准.

梅尔巴维. Woodruff Award for Exemplary Elementary World Language Program

Is your Elementary World Language Program exemplary? 它是否已经存在了至少5年, with curriculum aligned with the “5 Cs” of the national standards? Are you able to provide evidence of highly qualified teachers advocating for early language learning and student success?

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