ACTFL members: recommend membership to others and earn big rewards


ACTFL Member Surveys repeatedly confirm that the leading reason people join the association is because a colleague or mentor recommended it. 大家都知道, ACTFL membership conveys prestige and ensures that you can stay up-to-date on the latest in language education. Now you can share the love with your colleagues and associated language professionals and get your own rewards for doing so!

ACTFL members that recommend membership to a non-member can earn gifts like free ACTFL 出版物 or gift cards 在任何接受信用卡的地方使用!



Recommend ACTFL membership to a non-member colleague and if they successfully join referencing your ACTFL member ID, you will be eligible to win the ACTFL publication of your choosing! Recommend 5 members and receive a $25 gift card or other great gifts!


  1. 找一个人 你认为是ACTFL的最佳人选.
  2. S我有你的ACTFL号码 与他们. To find the location of your member number, 在这里登录. (Your member number will be displayed next to “我的ACTFL号码.”)
  3. 指示此人到 加入这里. Make sure they enter your ACTFL Member ID in the joining process.
  4. 成功加入程序*后, 你会因推荐而获得积分!

What can you get for recruiting a new ACTFL member?

Number of membership recommendations (cumulative)奖励*
1名电子下注软件(每月)Entered to win your choice of any ACTFL book (1 winner/mo.; 1 entry per recruit)
5 members (per fiscal year: July 1-June 30)$25 VISA礼品卡
20名成员(大奖)!)Free ACTFL Preferred (up to $325 value) membership for referrer the following year



你会成为下一位顶级大使吗? The 月度最佳大使 recognizes the ACTFL member who had the most referrals for a given month. 不要等到. 推荐,获得认可! Congratulations to Brian Jacobs of The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey!, 6月最佳月度大使!


招聘需要帮助? Here are some resources to get you started on your rewards journey!

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给新员工的电子邮件样本 下载Word模板


我今天要联系ACTFL. 我是现任电子下注软件, 我找到了同伴关系网, 出版物, 专业发展计划, and on-demand resources indispensable to my work. I believe you would also benefit from being part of this incredible community

You can learn more about ACTFL membership benefits here.

ACTFL is a network of 11,000+ world language educators and the peer community is like no other. Everyone I’ve met through ACTFL is willing to share their experiences and offer guidance.

ACTFL delivers the latest strategies and techniques based on research to advance professional development. ACTFL’s 出版物 elevate understanding and support for the value of language learning at all levels of instruction. ACTFL can help you find your dream job and advance your career in language education. We have diverse resources that you can use to expand your skills, 扩大你的人际网络, and find new jobs and volunteer opportunities.

大家都知道, our work in world language education is always evolving. ACTFL has helped me learn new strategies and techniques to use in the classroom. The peer network and ACTFL’s knowledgeable staff are like an extension of our team and allows us to do more and have a greater impact.

我还可以向你介绍梅根·格伦达, ACTFL电子下注软件经理, who can schedule a time with you to provide a detailed overview of all of ACTFL’s offerings and explore how they can be most helpful to you.

If you would like to go ahead and join today, please 加入这里; Be sure to enter my ACTFL number or my email when prompted. My member number is [Your ACTFL Member Number].

I truly believe you would benefit from ACTFL’s community, programs, and resources. 让我知道我如何能帮助你了解更多.



全联会电子下注软件的类别及福利 电子下注软件

ACTFL offers many benefits to educators at all levels

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问题? 我们是来帮忙的.... 联络电子下注软件部



  1. Recruiters must be ACTFL members in good standing at any membership level.
  2. Recruits must be NEW members (not renewals) or RE-JOINING members whose membership has not been active for 12 calendar months at time of re-join.
  3. Maximum VISA gift card amount per recruiter per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) is $200.
  4. Free ACTFL membership is at Preferred (choice of Pref. 酒吧. 或者参照. PD) level of membership for one year, beginning at date of renewal.
  5. Recruits must reference Recruiter email or ACTFL ID # at time of join. 不允许追溯转介.
  6. "电子下注软件" means that a New member has joined and paid in full.

*A member is considered successfully referred after their dues are paid in full. 条款、奖励和规则可能会改变.